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I want to say a few words about unions. I’ve had jobs that were unionized and jobs without unions, and I was always better off when there was a union. Unions protect you from unfair or arbitrary acts by bosses—including firing for bad reasons. And they’re usually the best way to get better pay and […]

My Career Highlights (rev.)

We want to be more than the sum of what we assume we are.   But if I’m not what you think, or I think, what am I?   There may be clues in these, which could be called My Career Highlights.   Not always the high points, or the proudest moments of my past–but […]

A Call for Procotts

Who lists fair and ethical businesses that people of good will should deal with? There must be stores, services, and restaurants – however few – that pay workers fairly, don’t fight unionization, and attempt to be environmentally responsible. Armed with such a list, we could carry out the opposite of a boycott – a pro-cott? […]