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FUN WITH ASPARAGUS – Tales of Education & Publishing

In high school, in the 1950s, we had a class called “Problems of Democracy.” Seniors were indoctrinated into a conservative view of government, economics, and social problems. One day we noticed that there seemed to be two versions of our textbook. In one, the chapter on juvenile delinquency included a photo of the recreation yard […]


For a program called Word Play in NYC on March 29, I read the following non-fiction pieces. The announced theme of the evening was experiences that were embarrassing or humiliating: ONE Will it surprise you to learn that I belong to an oppressed minority? A minority that has long been subject to humiliation, disgrace, and […]

NOT WHAT YOU THINK–Being Yourself Isn’t as Easy as You Always Assumed

Dear Friends, Adversaries, Acquaintances, and Strangers:                                              (I believe that takes in everyone.)   This is a journey in search of identity, which sometimes isn’t what we think.   We begin in New York […]

My Career Highlights (rev.)

We want to be more than the sum of what we assume we are.   But if I’m not what you think, or I think, what am I?   There may be clues in these, which could be called My Career Highlights.   Not always the high points, or the proudest moments of my past–but […]

MY CAREER HIGHLIGHTS – Not necessarily my proudest moments, but among the most interesting.

When I was in the cast of an award-winning Filipino play at La Mama, the Villager newspaper praised my performance as “the personification of American sleaze.” … I invented a new kind of textbook series for a publishing company. It brought in millions of dollars in profits each year. After it was launched, my entire […]

LAYOVER – Notes on Crazy Times

1. From a Jet Lakes below are lesions in farmland and forest, wounds in the hide of the Earth. Or so they seem. Fall colors are dying into brown. As the plane crosses Lake Michigan, the lake is the world, the land its backdrop. An hour’s wait in Chicago: no point setting my watch for […]