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Becoming an Icon

A few years ago, I was cast in a commercial for a home-caregiver company called Visiting Angels. It was an easy shoot to get to, since it was filmed a few towns away from where I live. Since the outdoor scene suggests cooling weather, they’ve been showing it each year during the autumn months. You […]

Photos with Hats


Segmentation of Popular Culture

American culture used to be much more unified than it is today. There were only three significant TV networks. One “Hit Parade” of popular music. Everyone had read, or at least heard of, Catch 22, Portnoy’s Complaint, and To Kill a Mockingbird. It was the same with movies, sports – even folk music and songs […]

ACTING—Sort of a Resume

People think I’m getting rich from a commercial in which I play the leading role and do the voice-over (above). In fact, it was a non-union job for which I got a small one-time fee. Even though it’s shown nationwide fairly often, the only benefit for me is a certain amount of credibility. It’s been […]


  Photos and stills from video, film, stage work, commercials, and stock-photo modeling. These were all taken in the last few years. Photographers include: John Abrahante, Stevens Anazco, Mindo Cikanavicius, Grant Delin, Michael Duva, Robert Englebright, Ellen Hart, Keith Ferris, Nikolai Golovanoff, Lloyd Stevie, Eddie Toro, Steven Vargo, Jeremy White. Directors include: Jordan Axelrod, Katy Balfour, Gabriel […]

On Stage and On Page: The Worlds of Lewis Gardner

FROM: Van Wyck Gazette Fall 2015 Editor’s Note I love the synergy of daily life. Every once in a while a charismatic man or woman with their unique personality intersects with the best plans you laid out. Your behavior is suddenly either subjectively or objectively reactive to some unseen force. You alter both a change […]

Film & Video – August Update

Novelist Anne Tyler on OLD JUNK: “That was a beautiful movie. I loved every closely observed second of it — very touching. I hope it gets lots of attention and appreciation.” See it here: https://vimeo.com/83815992 * A clip from COLLECTORS This short film, from a short story by Raymond Carver, will be available later this […]