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“Submarines” by the Lumineers – 5 Million Views

  Great song and video. Me in the lead role, rotoscoped.   Advertisements

Almost 5 Million Views

If you don’t know this song, listen – it’s a gem. A lot of people don’t know the band either, although they are very popular worldwide. I’m the narrator/protagonist of the video. I have to admit – I was rotoscoped!

2 Million Views – “Submarines”

Any minute now, the number of Youtube views for this video will pass the 2 million mark (since October of 2013). I’m credited on the Youtube site, but no one would otherwise guess that the protagonist is me. I was filmed at a NYC bar and in an apartment house courtyard. Rotoscoping turned me into […]

Music Videos Update – Dec. 2014

The Lumineers’ “Submarine.” I’m the lead human, rotoscoped. 1,816,000 views after a year. Great song but only 31,000 views. Song starts at 5:12. I make my appearance at 7:37.   Most popular, with 2,663,000 views. Watch me reveal my reptilian side, but turn the sound down:       I’m the butler. Acting is a […]

The Lumineers’ “SUBMARINES”

That’s me, rotoscoped. In one year, 1.5 million Youtube views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgkusNV0GLg