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Reluctant Poem

I looked through the bushes behind the house and saw some crumbling of the foundation. It’s never good to have your foundation crumbling. Furthermore this seemed to be the entry point for our co-habiting mice. . The contractor started digging. A pipe we didn’t know about was spewing water and undermining the foundation . They […]


  For the New Year: a beautiful song by Gustav Mahler to words by Friedrich Rückert. Sometimes it is sung (and heard) as depressed and full of angst—but think of it as a beautiful renunciation of distraction. Mahler reused some of the music in “The Song of the Earth.”   Here are some performances. Choose […]


It occurred to me recently that I have frequently written about food. I don’t know if this is due to a particular obsessiveness, or maybe it’s normal: eating is an essential activity, after all. Often the location is diners, where I’ve spent a lot of time writing, eating, waiting. LUNCH AT THE LIVE BAIT DINER […]