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Me as Icon

If you look for an image of “senior man in new york” on Getty Images (“creative”), you get this. It’s part of my plan to contribute to the decline of Western civilization. Another example: Advertisements

Recent Appearances

A cover for an NYU catalog (photo by Daniel Bendjy): Centrefold, a fashion and art magazine (photos by Marton Perlaki) Riot of Perfume, another fashion and art magazine, on sale at Spoonbill & Sugartown, a Willliamsburg bookstore:

Riot of Perfume Photo Series – All the Photos

    If for some reason you want to see all of the fashion photos of me inside issue # 8 of Riot of Perfume, go to the link below. Clicking on the double arrow gives you all the designer trousers on non-designer me. Photographer: Lloyd Stevie   http://www.lloydstevie.com/riot-of-perfume/   The concept behind the series […]


  A few months ago I posed for a fashion spread for a slick, lavish (and expensive) large-format fashion-and-art magazine. It’s printed on such thick, slick paper that it makes Vogue look tacky. The concept was a variation on work by a noted Croation conceptual artist, Tomislav Gotovac, who liked to be photographed without clothes. […]

A LETTER IN MY POCKET – Poems of Communication in Earlier Times

DEAR FRIEND, Thank you for your letter. You might have phoned instead, . but I couldn’t keep a phone call in my pocket . and take it out to read now and then.   VALENTINES Remember the Valentine Box – Ribbons, red foil, paper doilies? One of the sins committed By well-intentioned teachers, Bringing dread […]

FUN WITH ASPARAGUS – Tales of Education & Publishing

In high school, in the 1950s, we had a class called “Problems of Democracy.” Seniors were indoctrinated into a conservative view of government, economics, and social problems. One day we noticed that there seemed to be two versions of our textbook. In one, the chapter on juvenile delinquency included a photo of the recreation yard […]


“The Family of Man” was a very influential photography exhibition in 1955. When I was in college in the 60s, I came across the book based on the exhibition. Then and now, I have found the depiction of humanity very moving. There may be a Western and male bias to it—but this was 1955, after […]