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DICKIE DO & DICKIE DEE – Or, Life in New Jersey

Because we ordered something once from a catalog, we get dozens of catalogs a month, from highbrow to the very low. One of the latter offers t-shirts with the legend “The Dickie Do Club,” detailed as follows: “My gut hangs out more than my dickie do.” . Would someone actually buy one for himself? Or […]

How I Came to Judge an Indian Dance Contest

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a dancer (although I have managed to fake dancing on film and video and even on stage) and I know next to nothing about the refinements of that art. But back in the 80s, I was an official judge of a competition in dance of the Subcontinent. […]

NOT WHAT YOU THINK–Being Yourself Isn’t as Easy as You Always Assumed

Dear Friends, Adversaries, Acquaintances, and Strangers:                                              (I believe that takes in everyone.)   This is a journey in search of identity, which sometimes isn’t what we think.   We begin in New York […]

My Career Highlights (rev.)

We want to be more than the sum of what we assume we are.   But if I’m not what you think, or I think, what am I?   There may be clues in these, which could be called My Career Highlights.   Not always the high points, or the proudest moments of my past–but […]

MY CAREER HIGHLIGHTS – Not necessarily my proudest moments, but among the most interesting.

When I was in the cast of an award-winning Filipino play at La Mama, the Villager newspaper praised my performance as “the personification of American sleaze.” … I invented a new kind of textbook series for a publishing company. It brought in millions of dollars in profits each year. After it was launched, my entire […]