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Sic Transit TRANSIT Glory

I went to the Fulton Center to take photos of my image on the huge video screen, and I found that most of the “NY Minute” videos have been removed, replaced–so soon!–with advertising. Portions are still showing on smaller screens that are located in obscure areas that are not so attractive for ads. Oh well. Here’s […]


The fancy new Fulton Street Transit Center opened today. It’s a building that connects several NYC subway lines near Wall Street and the World Trade Center site.   As I stepped through the entrance from Fulton Street, there I was on a huge screen–for about a minute–flinging dollar bills in the air. They fluttered down […]

NY Minute

This could be a Family of Man for our time.This had a long run at the new Fulton Transit Center on Bway in NYC. It won a gold medal at Las Vegas in a competition that I have no information about. A gifted artist showed super-slow-motion videos, showing 50 (or 60) typical New Yorkers. I’m one of […]