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Me as Icon

If you look for an image of “senior man in new york” on Getty Images (“creative”), you get this. It’s part of my plan to contribute to the decline of Western civilization. Another example: Advertisements

Acting Credits 2009-2018

FEATURE FILMS (supporting or featured) Mi America Invisible Ink Starfish I Smile Back Seitan’s Helper I Dream Too Much The Girl Who Invented Kissing Alien Connection Curtain 4, 5, 6 Diane Impossible Monsters The Gateway . STAGE (principal) A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sleep No More Upright Citizens Brigade – The State vs. Josh Two Old […]

Photos with Hats


Cover Guy Again

Daniel Bendjy took this photo in Washington Square last fall. NYU bought it from a stock house for the cover of one of this fall’s catalogs. Interesting coincidence: this division of NYU happens to be the one for which I taught creative writing many years ago.

If I’m on This Magazine Cover, Can Human Civilization Survive?

In a catalog: On a newsstand: In Berlin: In Tokyo: Another newsstand (next to a cover with a strange Shmoo-like drawing): Elsewhere in Berlin:

ACTING—Sort of a Resume

People think I’m getting rich from a commercial in which I play the leading role and do the voice-over (above). In fact, it was a non-union job for which I got a small one-time fee. Even though it’s shown nationwide fairly often, the only benefit for me is a certain amount of credibility. It’s been […]

Riot of Perfume Photo Series – All the Photos

    If for some reason you want to see all of the fashion photos of me inside issue # 8 of Riot of Perfume, go to the link below. Clicking on the double arrow gives you all the designer trousers on non-designer me. Photographer: Lloyd Stevie   http://www.lloydstevie.com/riot-of-perfume/   The concept behind the series […]