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Prevagen includes an ingredient found in jellyfish. The Federal Trade Commission and the AARP say that it won’t improve your memory. But after taking it, I find myself compelled to sting swimmers’ ankles. I don’t remember when this started. Advertisements

WEBSTER PULLMAN – Remembering Molly

When Molly let me be her friend, I felt honored. I never had a lot of friends, just buddies at work, being a fat guy who kept to myself, but Molly was special. I knew it was mainly that she didn’t have boyfriends, but she let me take her to concerts and plays. I could […]

NIGHTMARE- Character Source

I remembered these people for more than four decades. Then I woke one morning with the following in mind, probably more a thoughts-while-waking/I-could-write-this than an actual nightmare: NIGHTMARE A town with nothing to do at night. Dark road, dark woods, dark stores and houses. A neon sign: *GOLDBERG’S TOPLESS BAR* Inside it’s dim, empty, an […]


We told my mother we wanted to do something special for her 90th birthday. She insisted we do nothing at all. She always discouraged us from making a bother over her. After months of pressure, though, she consented to an Oneg Shabbat, or Sabbath celebration, in her honor, at the apartment building for senior citizens […]