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“Submarines” by the Lumineers – 5 Million Views

  Great song and video. Me in the lead role, rotoscoped.   Advertisements

Almost 5 Million Views

If you don’t know this song, listen – it’s a gem. A lot of people don’t know the band either, although they are very popular worldwide. I’m the narrator/protagonist of the video. I have to admit – I was rotoscoped!

On Stage and On Page: The Worlds of Lewis Gardner

FROM: Van Wyck Gazette Fall 2015 Editor’s Note I love the synergy of daily life. Every once in a while a charismatic man or woman with their unique personality intersects with the best plans you laid out. Your behavior is suddenly either subjectively or objectively reactive to some unseen force. You alter both a change […]


Lumineers SUBMARINES 2,406,306 YouTube views Gentleman IN MY ARMS 869,421 YouTube views Born of Osiris FOLLOW THE SIGNS 2,935,725 YouTube views Fabulous Thunderbirds DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? 30,939 YouTube views

2 Million Views – “Submarines”

Any minute now, the number of Youtube views for this video will pass the 2 million mark (since October of 2013). I’m credited on the Youtube site, but no one would otherwise guess that the protagonist is me. I was filmed at a NYC bar and in an apartment house courtyard. Rotoscoping turned me into […]

Music Videos Update – Dec. 2014

The Lumineers’ “Submarine.” I’m the lead human, rotoscoped. 1,816,000 views after a year. Great song but only 31,000 views. Song starts at 5:12. I make my appearance at 7:37.   Most popular, with 2,663,000 views. Watch me reveal my reptilian side, but turn the sound down:       I’m the butler. Acting is a […]

The Lumineers’ “SUBMARINES”

That’s me, rotoscoped. In one year, 1.5 million Youtube views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgkusNV0GLg