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* From the bus, the plane, the car that dragged me to some captivity— to home—to school or work— I would watch the lit-up windows. Scattered over farmland or tucked in the curves of overpasses, those kitchens, those living rooms would be warm, I would drink tea, and in those rooms I would learn a […]

BREVITY – Trying to Say the Most with the Fewest Words

  MORNING CONDITIONS I touch the stairs outside to see if there is ice. You fear the driving and doubt the radio’s report of freezing surfaces only in the north. . So I’m outside in the dark, in the rain, in pajamas, touching the stairs and finding them wet. . . MEMENTOS Once someone wrote […]

What Love Told Mahler

He dropped the title to the last movement of his Third Symphony, but everyone likes to use it; it makes sense. I hope this excerpt gets you to explore the whole symphony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v1dffCkd5I


VALENTINE My love stirs in the breeze like paper hearts   strung along the ceiling of the stationery store.   My love’s a lacy heart packed   with neat rows of extravagant treats.   Accept my heart— and bite the crisp exterior   to reach the marshmallow beating inside.     VALENTINE BOX Remember the […]


  For the New Year: a beautiful song by Gustav Mahler to words by Friedrich Rückert. Sometimes it is sung (and heard) as depressed and full of angst—but think of it as a beautiful renunciation of distraction. Mahler reused some of the music in “The Song of the Earth.”   Here are some performances. Choose […]

WEBSTER PULLMAN – Remembering Molly

When Molly let me be her friend, I felt honored. I never had a lot of friends, just buddies at work, being a fat guy who kept to myself, but Molly was special. I knew it was mainly that she didn’t have boyfriends, but she let me take her to concerts and plays. I could […]


  How about that cliché—love gives meaning to life? That’s okay for those who love or get loved— Mother Theresa or Sally Ann at the motel off I-93 or Grampa who can whittle you a bird whistle just like that—but what about everybody else? It ain’t just a problem for you or me Saturday night […]