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Political Wisdom in My Alternate Universe

Our Elected Representatives are showing us that true patriotism is when you do what you think has to be done – even though history is going to depict you as a sniveling, amoral, hypocritical, manipulative, greedy, cruel, misogynistic, dishonest, racist, climate change-denying, gutless coward. I find that inspiring. I don’t understand all this prejudice against […]


    First of all, I want to thank all the little people that I’ve had to crawl over on my way to this achievement. Even those who stood in my way. Don’t think I’ll ever forget any one of you. . I especially want to thank those who encouraged me. When everyone else said […]


At one time in the 1960s I frequented a bar and restaurant in a West African seaport. People from a lot of countries would wash up on that coast, as I had, and find their way to the Atlantic Bar. One woman who regularly talked to me was Helga Schmidt. Helga had a photography business […]


In the Time of the Great Waves, December 2004 A small machine creates peace. Like a radio tuned to ghost messages, it creates electronic sound and nothing more: no music, words, sound effects. Hear it instead of city noises—it jams awareness of shouts, car horns, cries of children, marching boots, screams of the drowning, manifestos, […]