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Political Wisdom in My Alternate Universe

Our Elected Representatives are showing us that true patriotism is when you do what you think has to be done – even though history is going to depict you as a sniveling, amoral, hypocritical, manipulative, greedy, cruel, misogynistic, dishonest, racist, climate change-denying, gutless coward. I find that inspiring. I don’t understand all this prejudice against […]


  I’ve never been able to say anything good about the city where I grew up. If you look up Wikipedia’s list of Notable People from there, you won’t find anyone you ever heard of. Next to the oil refinery and the chemical plant, there were huge bright yellow piles of sulfur in the open […]


I’ve already written about the junior high school I went to, in a small city outside Boston: https://gardnerspeaks.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/ethics/ There was something else about that school in my home town, a direct link to the Victorian past. The school had an endowment, the gift of a nineteenth century rich man who grew up in the town […]