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Mr. Bigelow would have preferred ignoring the pain in his chest and his difficulty breathing, not to mention the weird numb feeling along the side of his left arm. He always hated calling attention to himself. But now that he found it impossible to make himself comfortable—even throwing off his tweed sport coat, loosening his […]

Advertising for a Good Cause.

A product that can save lives and protect health. So I’m doing my part.


It occurred to me recently that I have frequently written about food. I don’t know if this is due to a particular obsessiveness, or maybe it’s normal: eating is an essential activity, after all. Often the location is diners, where I’ve spent a lot of time writing, eating, waiting. LUNCH AT THE LIVE BAIT DINER […]


The label on my bottle of iced tea says: “If you are not completely satisfied, write to us.” All right! I’m not satisfied at all. I’m not famous, not rich, my health is regularly breaking down. Are you ready to destroy my enemies, to make up for slights, insults, frauds that I’ve endured? Will you […]


After school, with teachers pressing us poor and ethnic kids to have good manners, and then the streets’ threat of snowballs or insults, home was sanctuary—Mother gone, but in her place an apple pie, her special craft. With a glass of milk I’d eat a thin piece, a thicker piece, and then as much as […]