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Birthday Greetings – To Me!

I noticed that some of my Facebook friends – people I actually know – are friends of people who have a certain level of accomplishment in worlds that interest me. So I’ve asked some of them to become Facebook friends of mine. Many of them have said yes, and then I’ve seen, among their friends, […]


              We would have been friends if we didn’t hate each other. ————————————————-   You’re okay if you adjust your expectations to your environment. ——————————————————–   If only I’d noticed this when I was younger. ————————————————— After I saw a man at a urinal talking to his dick in […]

WEBSTER PULLMAN – Remembering Molly

When Molly let me be her friend, I felt honored. I never had a lot of friends, just buddies at work, being a fat guy who kept to myself, but Molly was special. I knew it was mainly that she didn’t have boyfriends, but she let me take her to concerts and plays. I could […]