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Family Affection

One evening at the Sleep No More tavern (here I am with my wife and niece, played by Sara Ann Parker and Mallory Gracenin), their photographer came by to take photos for publicity. A woman in her late 40s, who was extremely inebriated, left her husband at their table to come over, while the photographer […]


The camp is filled with Webelos this week, 10-year-olds tenting in the forest to be trained in the special lore Boy Scouts need at 11. . Trekking to Apache campsite, you don’t let me carry your gear. You barely watch as I leave to find the parking lot. . The trees behind me echo with […]


23rd Street. On My 40th Birthday 6:30 a.m. . . . a mug of bitter coffee in a diner named Chelsea Square. This morning, the middle of winter, is dark as night. I’m surrounded by fellow survivors, bloodshot-eyed, unshaven, some at late suppers of corned beef, some with eggs and bacon. The coffee’s to keep […]


  I’ve never been able to say anything good about the city where I grew up. If you look up Wikipedia’s list of Notable People from there, you won’t find anyone you ever heard of. Next to the oil refinery and the chemical plant, there were huge bright yellow piles of sulfur in the open […]


                  It wasn’t a drink for kids, no, I would drink root beer or orange Nehi—orange tonic in the local dialect. With you in the variety store, which was dark and cool when the summer air was hot, and yellow from the factories, while you joked with […]


When I was 16, I told my father I wanted to try smoking a pipe. So he brought me to the local drug store, where he bought one of their inexpensive pipes, a pouch of cheap tobacco, and a package of pipe cleaners. On the sidewalk outside the store, he showed me how to pack […]


  You were six when we saw the news that a young actor had killed himself. I mentioned I had interviewed him at the start of his career. You demanded: “Why did you let him kill himself!”     A year before, when King Kong died at the end of the movie, you asked, crying […]