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Me as Icon

If you look for an image of “senior man in new york” on Getty Images (“creative”), you get this. It’s part of my plan to contribute to the decline of Western civilization. Another example: Advertisements

Making the U.S. a Third-World Country

If you’ve had a queasy feeling that American civilization is coming to an end, perhaps you can take comfort in realizing that this is the result of a carefully contrived plan. How can it be the end of our civilization, you might ask, if tourists want to come here? Well, that was also true of […]

If I’m on This Magazine Cover, Can Human Civilization Survive?

In a catalog: On a newsstand: In Berlin: In Tokyo: Another newsstand (next to a cover with a strange Shmoo-like drawing): Elsewhere in Berlin:

CURMUDGEON CORNER – Second Installment

The world is going to hell and people are predicting the end of life on Earth or at least of civilization. Maybe they’re right. Maybe civilization isn’t all that great, but I’d hate to get through the summer without an air conditioner. It doesn’t matter that in all of history, things have seemed as bad […]