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When I was 16, I told my father I wanted to try smoking a pipe. So he brought me to the local drug store, where he bought one of their inexpensive pipes, a pouch of cheap tobacco, and a package of pipe cleaners. On the sidewalk outside the store, he showed me how to pack […]

NOT WHAT YOU THINK–Being Yourself Isn’t as Easy as You Always Assumed

Dear Friends, Adversaries, Acquaintances, and Strangers:                                              (I believe that takes in everyone.)   This is a journey in search of identity, which sometimes isn’t what we think.   We begin in New York […]


It isn’t just alcoholics who deserve respect and protection from comedy—from abuse by comedy, that is. I’ve learned that lesson—for example, when I was part of a comedy act and we performed—just once—a sketch about a teenage girl in Europe who’s forced to hide with her family from the Nazis in an attic. Our comic […]

NOT WHAT YOU THINK – Solo Performance Script

From Here to There in Search of Identity Dedicated to anyone who ever wanted to explain – or cry out: It’s not what you think! This journey in search of identity begins in New York City’s Washington Square. A cloudy, damp Sunday—it’s noon, but no one’s around. My lunch, wrapped in rumpled foil, is the […]