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Some Drawings

I’ve always drawn during periods when I haven’t done much writing. Here are a few. You can enlarge an image by clicking on it. Advertisements

Recent Appearances

A cover for an NYU catalog (photo by Daniel Bendjy): Centrefold, a fashion and art magazine (photos by Marton Perlaki) Riot of Perfume, another fashion and art magazine, on sale at Spoonbill & Sugartown, a Willliamsburg bookstore:


There were two things everyone knew about the cat-food factory: one, it smelled really bad, even driving by; the other amazing fact: the taster was a human being. If that’s hard to believe, tell me—would you expect cats to run the laboratory kitchen at the plant? . A cat’s brain is the size of the […]

A LETTER IN MY POCKET – Poems of Communication in Earlier Times

DEAR FRIEND, Thank you for your letter. You might have phoned instead, . but I couldn’t keep a phone call in my pocket . and take it out to read now and then.   VALENTINES Remember the Valentine Box – Ribbons, red foil, paper doilies? One of the sins committed By well-intentioned teachers, Bringing dread […]

How I Came to Judge an Indian Dance Contest

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a dancer (although I have managed to fake dancing on film and video and even on stage) and I know next to nothing about the refinements of that art. But back in the 80s, I was an official judge of a competition in dance of the Subcontinent. […]

NY Minute

This could be a Family of Man for our time.This had a long run at the new Fulton Transit Center on Bway in NYC. It won a gold medal at Las Vegas in a competition that I have no information about. A gifted artist showed super-slow-motion videos, showing 50 (or 60) typical New Yorkers. I’m one of […]