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My Meeting with a Dominatrix

A long time ago, a one-act play I had written – running time of about 45 minutes – was quite successful. It was performed at a number of small theaters in Manhattan and also in several night clubs. The director, Jim, would approach venues; I got us some helpful publicity. Sometimes one of the actors […]

NOT WHAT YOU THINK–Being Yourself Isn’t as Easy as You Always Assumed

Dear Friends, Adversaries, Acquaintances, and Strangers:                                              (I believe that takes in everyone.)   This is a journey in search of identity, which sometimes isn’t what we think.   We begin in New York […]


  You were six when we saw the news that a young actor had killed himself. I mentioned I had interviewed him at the start of his career. You demanded: “Why did you let him kill himself!”     A year before, when King Kong died at the end of the movie, you asked, crying […]

How Do You Like Me So Far?

This title is a line that Henny Youngman is supposed to have used as the opening line for a routine. It’s funny because – aside from the paradox of the audience knowing anything about the performance before it has taken place – it shows a performer’s anxiety and, okay, narcissism. An old joke: the actor […]

DR. PLOTKIN – Character Source

I compiled a book-length collection of poems about a fictional town on the Middlesex Canal north of Boston, based partly on my own experiences in a real town there. I used some of the stories I had heard; I made others up. Later I realized the material—about the citizens of the town, the history of […]


You can listen to this as read on public radio: http://wamc.org/post/listener-essay-notes-notes The other day my wife asked me to look at a manuscript of hers and tell her what I thought. After I read it and jotted a few comments, I said I had some notes for her. She said that “having some notes” sounded […]