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A Mother’s Concern

I knew an actor named – well, let’s call him Joel, which was, in fact, his name. I’d known him early in his career, and in mine, when he played a leading role in a musical I wrote. Joel was a big guy with a big baritone voice, so eventually he specialized in roles created […]


These were all made recently. It isn’t length that determines value, but the idea behind the film . . . and the quality of its making. I appear in roles of varying prominence.   MEMOIRES Note the use of a drone camera and drone lighting.   SCRATCH-OFF Excellent short film by NYU students.   POPS […]

Acting Credits 2009-2018

FEATURE FILMS (supporting or featured) Mi America Invisible Ink Starfish I Smile Back Seitan’s Helper I Dream Too Much The Girl Who Invented Kissing Alien Connection Curtain 4, 5, 6 Diane Impossible Monsters The Gateway . STAGE (principal) A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sleep No More Upright Citizens Brigade – The State vs. Josh Two Old […]

My Meeting with a Dominatrix

A long time ago, a one-act play I had written – running time of about 45 minutes – was quite successful. It was performed at a number of small theaters in Manhattan and also in several night clubs. The director, Jim, would approach venues; I got us some helpful publicity. Sometimes one of the actors […]

EYES ON STAGE – Acting Lessons

A Russian director I once worked with, who’d been with the Moscow Art Theater, told me he could teach the “true Stanislavsky method,” not the false U.S. version being taught by Stella Adler and others. “It’s all in the eyes,” the director told me. “Acting is done with the eyes.” You can see it in […]

Older Generations – 3 Short Films

Some of the best acting I’ve been able to do has been in short films made by filmmakers based on the stories of their own grandfathers and a great-uncle. They gave me a foretaste, before my injury, of using a walker and a cane. More than that, though, I was able to portray characters that […]

Family Affection

One evening at the Sleep No More tavern (here I am with my wife and niece, played by Sara Ann Parker and Mallory Gracenin), their photographer came by to take photos for publicity. A woman in her late 40s, who was extremely inebriated, left her husband at their table to come over, while the photographer […]