A moving (by its end) documentary about Rachmaninoff’s life and music. I had a very small contact with his story. And the documentary includes scenes that my Russian teacher spoke about.   The sky that covered us with lifegiving air, the sky brightened by the lifegiving sun changed for our generation. It didn’t shelter us […]

. . . are Norwegians. I don’t see what all the kerfuffle is about.

A few years ago, I was cast in a commercial for a home-caregiver company called Visiting Angels. It was an easy shoot to get to, since it was filmed a few towns away from where I live. Since the outdoor scene suggests cooling weather, they’ve been showing it each year during the autumn months. You […]

. . . if someone is an incompetent, dishonest nincompoop, so long as he’s OUR incompetent, dishonest nincompoop.

FEATURE FILMS (supporting or featured) Mi America Invisible Ink Starfish I Smile Back Seitan’s Helper I Dream Too Much The Girl Who Invented Kissing Alien Connection Curtain 4, 5, 6 Diane Impossible Monsters The Gateway . STAGE (principal) A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sleep No More Upright Citizens Brigade – The State vs. Josh Two Old […]


Sure. Great. A few more minutes of daylight. Right.