Mr. Bigelow would have preferred ignoring the pain in his chest and his difficulty breathing, not to mention the weird numb feeling along the side of his left arm. He always hated calling attention to himself. But now that he found it impossible to make himself comfortable—even throwing off his tweed sport coat, loosening his […]

I knew someone who was manic-depressive, which now is called bipolar depression and controlled, more or less, with lithium, . and she would often vanish for months, you wouldn’t hear from her or hear about her, and then you’d get a letter, . she just finished writing a play and revising her novel and sending […]

1 What burns in these shadows, in these flames, these flames more crooked than my shadow? My shadow burns, the words I whisper crack in the heat. The moonlight is drenched by the flames. Tomorrow he is mine. . She, the gentle, foolish one, prisoner of her father’s greed, sweated in the airless light of […]

The shoe store sends little cards that say: “Your child saw us last three months ago. Growing feet need regular attention.” . And the dentist says: “Your last checkup was six months ago. Will you call for an appointment?” . But doctors don’t do this. And why not? “We haven’t heard from you since we […]

You once knew writers were at work by the sound of their typewriters. Daytime in spring or summer, whole streets of the West Side and the Village were filled with the music of clacking and bells. . Now there is silence – windows closed for air-conditioning, computers too quiet to be heard below. It may […]

Bunny’s Modest Proposal One problem is there are people everywhere you look on the street who I bet could use a good meal, and another is all of these rats all over the parks, that scurry where you used to see squirrels, so why don’t we ask some of the chefs in our multi-starred restaurants […]

It’s well known that a major part of child-rearing is giving your offspring things to worry about. I always warned: Eating ice cream and drinking something hot can crack your tooth enamel, which I read somewhere. A friend was warned as he left for college: Don’t sit on cement, you’ll get hemorrhoids. . Did memory […]