Kevin Spacey plays Whit Burnett in the new film about J. D. Salinger, Rebel in the Rye. When I knew Whit Burnett (one of only a handful of names that I can honestly drop) late in his life, he didn’t resemble Kevin Spacey. He just looked like a kindly elderly gentleman. I was around 30, […]

A long time ago, a one-act play I had written – running time of about 45 minutes – was quite successful. It was performed at a number of small theaters in Manhattan and also in several night clubs. The director, Jim, would approach venues; I got us some helpful publicity. Sometimes one of the actors […]

Very short film (2:38) by Tim Sessler, shot with drone lights. Lovely work. Two characters (actually 2 ages of one person), of which I play one:

American culture used to be much more unified than it is today. There were only three significant TV networks. One “Hit Parade” of popular music. Everyone had read, or at least heard of, Catch 22, Portnoy’s Complaint, and To Kill a Mockingbird. It was the same with movies, sports – even folk music and songs […]

Daniel Bendjy took this photo in Washington Square last fall. NYU bought it from a stock house for the cover of one of this fall’s catalogs. Interesting coincidence: this division of NYU happens to be the one for which I taught creative writing many years ago.

A cover for an NYU catalog (photo by Daniel Bendjy): Centrefold, a fashion and art magazine (photos by Marton Perlaki) Riot of Perfume, another fashion and art magazine, on sale at Spoonbill & Sugartown, a Willliamsburg bookstore:

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?   A senior in college, I needed to pass freshman elementary math. All winter and spring I stayed away from the class. For one thing, nothing made sense. For another, it met at 9 in the morning, and I was busy with other things,   so at semester’s end…