This is a comedy web-series about paralegals in a big law firm. It’s well produced and funny. I appear in Episode 2 in a taped greeting from a senior partner. Advertisements

These were all made recently. It isn’t length that determines value, but the idea behind the film . . . and the quality of its making. I appear in roles of varying prominence.   MEMOIRES Note the use of a drone camera and drone lighting.   SCRATCH-OFF Excellent short film by NYU students.   POPS […]

    I have just compiled a book-length collection of my stories, humor, and nonfiction. It’s called NOT WHAT YOU THINK. I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who’d like to read it, concerning what works; what doesn’t work; or how the order of pieces could be improved. I’ll send it as a document attached to an […]

A cast of two. Five minutes to define the relationship between a father and a son.

I dropped the tax papers off for the accountant. I saw the doctor. “Nothing to worry about,” he said. I bought shoes, went home for lunch, and napped. Then made appointments, sent a sample of my voice, spoke to someone about casting. I tried to read a book about poetry, but it was boring. It’s […]

          There’s a new theory that wolves domesticated humans, not the other way around. I can believe that. I was raised by dogs, who taught me kindness and affection when my human family’s cruelty and indifference were too strong. I look for dogs’ kindness in the eyes of the humans I […]

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This short film, based on one of the 20th century’s most famous stories – by Raymond Carver – was directed by Charles Kopelson and filmed by Jonathan Miller. The cast of two is Devin Doyle and me: