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Is it a safe assumption that a society formulates laws against certain behaviors that are considered bad because some of its citizens would be inclined to do them? As a child, I was amazed that Leviticus included this statement: Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind. The […]


It isn’t easy negotiating the gentiles’ world, although you think it’s good to be accepted or tolerated. Am I too loud, too assertive? Do I seem arrogant? Some intoned the creeds and took the sacraments, like Mendelssohn, Mahler, Heine, and my own brother. Others stumbled ahead, like me, wondering What do they say when I’m […]

My Performance with Bruno Mars

I answered an ad for someone to appear in a taping for a musical performer’s TV show. There was no mention of who it was. I got a call from the production office. Could I play chess, they asked. I answered truthfully: I knew th emoves, but was not a skilled player. In fact, I’ve […]

EMERGENCY! – Two Versions

I have great respect for the people who work in emergency services. For a while, it looked as though this story would become obsolete. I’m afraid the situation may be even worse. Mr. Bigelow would have preferred ignoring the pain in his chest and his difficulty breathing, not to mention the weird numb feeling along […]

Some More Drawings

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Some Drawings

I’ve always drawn during periods when I haven’t done much writing. Here are a few. You can enlarge an image by clicking on it.

Photos with Hats