Political Wisdom in My Alternate Universe

Our Elected Representatives are showing us that true patriotism is when you do what you think has to be done – even though history is going to depict you as a sniveling, amoral, hypocritical, manipulative, greedy, cruel, misogynistic, dishonest, racist, climate change-denying, gutless coward. I find that inspiring.

I don’t understand all this prejudice against over-privileged, drunk frat boys. Who do they think made this country what it is today?

Government serves the will of the people. My people, not yours.

Didn’t we know it – roll back all those protections for air, water, the climate, workers, children, refugees,and sick people – and what happens? The stock market goes way up! (Okay, it may also go down.)

It isn’t fair to compare the president with a Nazi dictator. The president has never been a vegetarian.

If people realize how much their federal income tax will go up for 2018, they may not re-elect their representatives to Congress in November. Better keep them from finding out.

Congress and the NRA don’t kill people. People kill people, and the NRA and Congress protect their right to do it.

That makes sense: Sen. Rubio doesn’t take NRA money to do what they want. He acts from his conscience and they show their appreciation by giving him money.

It’s a slippery slope. Take away your semi-automatic weapons, and then they come after your bazookas and flame-throwers.

And furthermore . . . don’t we love Dana Loesch as the new exemplar of public relations – showing no qualms or moral hesitation as she says what needs to be said for the people who pay her a lot of money?

It doesn’t matter if someone is an incompetent, dishonest nincompoop, so long as he’s OUR incompetent, dishonest nincompoop.

If Republicans want to keep their control of Congress next November, it’s time to get busy in the voter-suppression effort.

Give me a big tax cut, and I promise to trickle down.


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