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Listen to what they say when the wind moves, the trees, taller than houses, and the swamp grasses, taller than men: Life thrives for this instant. People dizzy themselves with words, as the insects buzz. Sticky life flows through your veins, as it does through ours. Dry death and decay lie beneath new green stems. […]

NEW NAMES FOR FAME — Mr. Rosenberg & Ms. Rosenbaum

Arthur Leonard Rosenberg determined a non-ethnic handle would fire up his acting career, so he re-named himself Tony Randall. Only the rich and the strong deserve a helping hand, thought Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum, well-known by then as Ayn Rand. If she were as liberal as he was, her disciples would deem it a scandal: “Who’ll […]

Red Bull TV’s “Liquid Science” with GZA of the Wu Tang Clan

You can see me rocking (0:15)! playing chess (2:14)! being frozen cryogenically (4:49)! collapsing (15:17)! and being unfrozen (20:40)!

Gärtner, Gardner, Guerner – Any Connection?

My grandfather was born in Radautz, Romania, in the late 19th century. His last name was Gärtner (sometimes spelled Gaertner), which he anglicized to Gardner upon immigrating to the U.S. Around the time of my grandfather’s birth, in the same small city, Heinrich Gärtner was born. Could they have been cousins? Heinrich was prominent in […]