Making the U.S. a Third-World Country

If you’ve had a queasy feeling that American civilization is coming to an end, perhaps you can take comfort in realizing that this is the result of a carefully contrived plan. How can it be the end of our civilization, you might ask, if tourists want to come here? Well, that was also true of Berlin in the early 1930s.

In the 1950s and 1960s, when European countries were giving up their colonies, the owners of the U.S. – rich people, politicians, shareholders, and corporations – decided that, rather than the fruitless enterprise of acquiring colonies, it would be easier to turn the U.S. itself into a third-world country.

The evidence: preventing unionization, closing factories, under-funding education, maintaining an unfair health-care system, degrading the environment, selling powerful guns to the deranged, driving liberals nuts so they’ll take to the streets and justify repressive action.

There’s far more that could be brought out as evidence. Ever wonder why there’s no rational planning for transportation or why parts of the New York subways are like sewers? Or why a college education requires decades-long debt? Or why so many young people are in prison for owning small amounts of weed?

Not to sound paranoid, but this is all part of their plan.


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