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Making the U.S. a Third-World Country

If you’ve had a queasy feeling that American civilization is coming to an end, perhaps you can take comfort in realizing that this is the result of a carefully contrived plan. How can it be the end of our civilization, you might ask, if tourists want to come here? Well, that was also true of […]


I’ve always thought that an essential key to being fully human is empathy. In teaching, and later in creating educational materials, my goal was getting kids to see that the person they were dismissing, hating, or attempting to exploit was on the inside the same as them – full of thoughts and emotions like fear […]


The first truly original joke I remember making was in 9th grade Latin class. Our textbook included a photo of a statue of the Capitoline Wolf (the kindly beast who adopted Romulus and Remus). I took off from the 1950s’ surrealistic ads for Maidenform Bras. My joke – which I still think is funny, as […]