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Thoughts at the Winter Solstice.

Sure. Great. A few more minutes of daylight. Right.


* From the bus, the plane, the car that dragged me to some captivity— to home—to school or work— I would watch the lit-up windows. Scattered over farmland or tucked in the curves of overpasses, those kitchens, those living rooms would be warm, I would drink tea, and in those rooms I would learn a […]

A Snake Skin Drum from Cambodia

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Buster and Me

Britney Young took up a challenge from other photographers to replicate a photo by Richard Avedon of Buster Keaton. The result:


Is it a safe assumption that a society formulates laws against certain behaviors that are considered bad because some of its citizens would be inclined to do them? As a child, I was amazed that Leviticus included this statement: Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind. The […]


It isn’t easy negotiating the gentiles’ world, although you think it’s good to be accepted or tolerated. Am I too loud, too assertive? Do I seem arrogant? Some intoned the creeds and took the sacraments, like Mendelssohn, Mahler, Heine, and my own brother. Others stumbled ahead, like me, wondering What do they say when I’m […]