JESSICA, the Visionary

I am Jessica, the visionary, and this is what
I am here to tell you: there are people
who look everywhere – like homeless collectors
of bottles and useful trash, we look
everywhere –

in garbage, in libraries, on mountains,
in watercress, in soda fountains,
sometimes at church, and in the eyes
of animals and humans
and paintings –

we are looking for enlightenment,
for awareness, and yes,
it may seem incredible, and often
seems crazy, and sometimes it appears
totally useless –

but seeking is better for us, and for the world,
than the ignorance of those who refuse
to go on that hunt, who don’t imagine
it is possible to go
on that hunt –

listen: you find a face that shines
or a tree that shines or a cloud,
or a day or a moment, and you know
it is there although you cannot grasp it.
And you know you must keep looking.

And I, Jessica, the visionary,
I am hunting even while working
at this factory, wearing my hairnet,
as the machine packs tea
into teabags,

and I pack the teabags into boxes,
which then are wrapped in cellophane –
here, where they know me
as Crazy Jessie, the teabag packer,
I am hunting. I am seeking.

I promise I will never stop.


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