Birthday Greetings – To Me!


I noticed that some of my Facebook friends – people I actually know – are friends of people who have a certain level of accomplishment in worlds that interest me. So I’ve asked some of them to become Facebook friends of mine. Many of them have said yes, and then I’ve seen, among their friends, other people I thought it would be nice to connect with.

The result is that on my birthday, I’ve gotten more birthday greeting from people I don’t actually know than from people who could more accurately be described as my friends. Is the implication of this that to know me is to be indifferent to my health and happiness on my birthday?

I hope not.

I’m truly grateful that I have so many friends, whether they know me or not.



  1. Ed Curtis · · Reply

    Happy birthday, Lew! As you know, I am not a virtual friend and consequently do not have virtual attitudes toward your health and well being. I hope you are well.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m well….

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