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Seven Types of Ambiguity

  Maybe. Who knows? On the one hand . . . on the other. Really? Neither here nor there. Hmmm . . . You should live in interesting times. Advertisements


The December 21 posting of the on-line literary magazine, New Verse News:  


Purposely avoiding a response to current events, I’m revisiting some brief pieces of writing. Some are early; some are recent. They are a welcome distraction from thinking about the present.                     1 From the bus, the plane, the car that dragged me to some captivity— to […]

Romantic Chamber Music – An Assemblage

Non-musicological – just a personal exploration of romanticist pleasure.   Schumann 2. Schubert   3. Schumann   4. Grieg

ACTING—Sort of a Resume

People think I’m getting rich from a commercial in which I play the leading role and do the voice-over (above). In fact, it was a non-union job for which I got a small one-time fee. Even though it’s shown nationwide fairly often, the only benefit for me is a certain amount of credibility. It’s been […]

Jules & Jim – The Song   If you ever had a crush on Jeanne Moreau in Jules & Jim, this will flash you back to your youth.


              There’s a time when the night sky changes from black to blue that’s just as dark but things in the distance are more distinct . and you see that what you were looking for— a lover, an answer, a break, or sleep— is not in this night for […]