Monthly Archives: November 2016

The King’s Iddles

  The announcer on our local classical-music station said she was going to play George Butterworth’s English Idyll No. 2 with the fourth word pronounced “iddle”; that is, rhyming with griddle. I sat down to write a blog entry denouncing her ignorance but, as I sometimes do, I did some investigation first. To my horror, […]

Pudgy Dad Hypothesis

    Sometimes we’re in the right place at the right time. From Huffington Post: Middle-aged men who carry a bit of extra weight are more likely to live longer. As men age testosterone levels decrease, which causes loss of muscle mass and an increase in fat mass. Richard Bribiescas, professor of anthropology at Yale University, […]

Make America Grate Again. Cook Latkes.

Proud Achievement

    In a play at LaMama, I portrayed the manager of a burlesque theater. The Villager’s reviewer praised my performance as “the personification of American sleaze.” One of my proudest achievements.