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            A town with nothing to do at night. Dark road, dark woods, dark stores and houses. A neon sign: *GOLDBERG’S TOPLESS BAR* Inside it’s dim, empty, an old man behind the bar— . Goldberg, I assume—and a fat old woman who must be his wife, mopping a far corner […]

Riot of Perfume Photo Series – All the Photos

    If for some reason you want to see all of the fashion photos of me inside issue # 8 of Riot of Perfume, go to the link below. Clicking on the double arrow gives you all the designer trousers on non-designer me. Photographer: Lloyd Stevie   The concept behind the series […]

“Submarines” by the Lumineers – 5 Million Views

  Great song and video. Me in the lead role, rotoscoped.  

Say it ain’t so, Eustace Tilley!

Now I believe that civilization may be ending – In the Nov. 21, 2016, issue of The New Yorker, which used to be known for its scrupulous editing, this sentence appears: “Wasps had lain siege to the barn.”


(I feel uncomfortable—and lazy—using Wikipedia for my research in an essay about the validity of information in discourse but, yes, I am lazy. Besides, this Wikipedia information seems well sourced… Source: WOOZLES, FACTOIDS & FACTS

Before Second Sleep

          It’s 4 a.m. and I’m alone in the world. All the rooms are empty, the windows dark; the road that passes the house, silent. . I woke past midnight, read about Rimbaud’s renunciation of poetry. Now I’m tired enough to sleep again. . What time should I set the alarm […]

Riot of Perfume – All Photos

      You can see the whole spread on this site: These are the photos based on Tomislav Gotovac’s photographs at he Museum of Modern Art