Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day



Few people realize that I was the inventor of Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day. It was announced by Mrs. Charles Wesendonk, Chairman of the Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee in my play “The Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee Invites You to a VISIT WITH THE MUSE Featuring All of Boomerstown’s Leading Poets.”


Just a reminder, friends, that next Saturday is Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day.

All the plans have been made, and a press release was sent to the local news media – except for the Boomerstown Community College Weekly, which treated last year’s fair as some kind of joke.

You’ll be able to buy all kinds of Anglo-Saxon crafts – pomanders, argyle socks, and arrangements of artificial flowers. There will be a tatting contest for the old ladies, and a golf tournament for the men.

Mr. Smythe, vice president of the Boomerstown National Bank, will be the keynote speaker – on the topic “Why We’re Still on Top.”

The youth fellowship of St. George’s Church will perform their gala program of Episcopal folk dances, and there’ll be a luncheon of Anglo-Saxon specialties – tuna-fish salad on white bread, wax beans, and Kool-Aid.

That’s Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day, next Saturday. Remember our slogan: “WASP Is Wonderful.”




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  1. Edward Curtis · · Reply

    I’ll be there !!!

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