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Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day

  Few people realize that I was the inventor of Anglo-Saxon Ethnic Pride Day. It was announced by Mrs. Charles Wesendonk, Chairman of the Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee in my play “The Boomerstown Women’s Club Cultural Affairs Committee Invites You to a VISIT WITH THE MUSE Featuring All of Boomerstown’s Leading Poets.” HILDA […]

The App I’m In

I’ve been in films, videos (music, comedy, and comic pornography), print ads, TV shows, plays, and commercials. I’ve even been rotoscoped (it didn’t hurt). This is the first time I’ve appeared in an app. It’s for the Career & Business section of Meetup.


                    When your life is a God-awful shambles, A prospect of unending work With no real reward for your efforts, While the shirkers continue to shirk; . When everything’s bent on denying Your chances of winning the race Or any slight hint of improvement, As life […]

New Ideals for Male Attractiveness and Fashion?

Ken Bone and Me:      


  I’ve never been able to say anything good about the city where I grew up. If you look up Wikipedia’s list of Notable People from there, you won’t find anyone you ever heard of. Next to the oil refinery and the chemical plant, there were huge bright yellow piles of sulfur in the open […]

Before & After

I worked with a photographer who supplied some really good photos in exchange for my giving him the right to sell the images as part of his stock-photography catalog. A perfectly normal operation. So it’s not really surprising that I found this on the Internet. This text was below the photos: Hair Rejuvenator Program is the […]