A few months ago I posed for a fashion spread for a slick, lavish (and expensive) large-format fashion-and-art magazine. It’s printed on such thick, slick paper that it makes Vogue look tacky.

The concept was a variation on work by a noted Croation conceptual artist, Tomislav Gotovac, who liked to be photographed without clothes. (Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of this particular noted Croation conceptual artist; I hadn’t either.)

In the fashion spread, I wore several pairs of designer trousers – one pair at a time – and shoes or boots, but that’s all. This was similar to photos that Gotovac did that were shown at the Museum of Modern Art. Here is one of the Gotovac photos – note that he is looking at a magazine:


The concept was so weird that I thought, as the weeks passed, that the photos would never be used. But a few days ago, I learned that the new issue will be distributed soon and – not only is the spread being used – but I am on the cover.

This is very strange. I can only think: What next?

Obviously not posing for fitness publications. But, in fact, I was recently booked to do a catalog shoot for a French fashion company that wants to broaden its multi-generational appeal.

This is the cover (photographer Lloyd Stevie). The name of the magazine comes from a poem of Rimbaud’s:






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  1. Ed Curtis · · Reply

    EGAD! Such versatility!

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