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Photos and stills from video, film, stage work, commercials, and stock-photo modeling.

These were all taken in the last few years.

Photographers include: John Abrahante, Stevens Anazco, Mindo Cikanavicius, Grant Delin, Michael Duva, Robert Englebright, Ellen Hart, Keith Ferris, Nikolai Golovanoff, Lloyd Stevie, Eddie Toro, Steven Vargo, Jeremy White.

Directors include: Jordan Axelrod, Katy Balfour, Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, Charles Drexler, Jordan Goldnadel, Charles Kopelson, Shira Levin

Commercials and Corporate: Bray Entertainment, Consumer Reports, Visiting Angels, Western Union.

Drawings by  Nicholas Sutton Bell, Kyle McCullough, Joseph Yeomans.

Music videos for The Lumineers, Stephen Michael.

ng 15

e h 10

g d 30

m 24

e h 5


coll h

o j 3

boat 5

4 am in paris 1

Shmoo and Me

western union 1a



c r 4

j w 2

e t 5a

dor 4

bellhop 11

b & cp 7

SNM family 2

s v 23

bray 3

ny minute a

s a 3

subs 3

TG 4

j a 13

mcparland 6 16 a

l s 8

kf photos 090






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