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  A few months ago I posed for a fashion spread for a slick, lavish (and expensive) large-format fashion-and-art magazine. It’s printed on such thick, slick paper that it makes Vogue look tacky. The concept was a variation on work by a noted Croation conceptual artist, Tomislav Gotovac, who liked to be photographed without clothes. […]


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? ? ? ? ? ? ? We would have been friends if we didn’t hate each other. ————————————————- ? You’re okay if you adjust your expectations to your environment. ——————————————————– ? If only I’d noticed this when I was younger. ————————————————— After I saw a man at a urinal…

Almost 5 Million Views

If you don’t know this song, listen – it’s a gem. A lot of people don’t know the band either, although they are very popular worldwide. I’m the narrator/protagonist of the video. I have to admit – I was rotoscoped!


  Photos and stills from video, film, stage work, commercials, and stock-photo modeling. These were all taken in the last few years. Photographers include: John Abrahante, Stevens Anazco, Mindo Cikanavicius, Grant Delin, Michael Duva, Robert Englebright, Ellen Hart, Keith Ferris, Nikolai Golovanoff, Lloyd Stevie, Eddie Toro, Steven Vargo, Jeremy White. Directors include: Jordan Axelrod, Katy Balfour, Gabriel […]


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When I taught English in a small-town high school, one 10th-grade class included three tough girls. Theresa was bright and literate but she hung out with Laura, who was attractive, hard as nails, and totally uninterested in anything I had to say. The third member of the trio, Charlene, had…


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Sometimes on the radio I hear the name of a woman who with her husband supports Public Broadcasting programs on the national level. On one occasion I helped this philanthropist find her way on a long, winding, and difficult course. At the time she was vice chair of the trustees…

HOW WE DIDN’T ASSIGN A SOW BUGGERY – Adventures in Culture & Publishing

Originally posted on GARDNER SPEAKS:
When I worked for an educational publisher in the 1990s, I was given the job of adapting an Australian textbook series for the U.S. market. The subject was science for the early elementary grades. The science was simple enough for my limited knowledge—luckily I didn’t have to deal with astronomy, which would…