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Originally posted on GARDNER SPEAKS:
Updated file of photos and stills from video, film, stage work, commercials, and stock-photo modeling. These were all taken in the last few years. Photographers include: John Abrahante, Stevens Anazco, Simone Becchetti, Michael Beckert, Daniel Bendjy, Veronica Cerna, Mindo Cikanavicius, Robert Paul Cohen, Grant Delin, Michael Duva, Robert Englebright, Emiliano Granado,…


Originally posted on GARDNER SPEAKS:
After I first posted this, it became one of my most-viewed blog posts. Perhaps googlers thought it would be titillating. It was especially popular in other countries. ? ? When I was a kid, one of the Boston newspapers had a section in the women’s pages called “Confidential Chat.” Women…

The Train to D.C.

I knew a woman—we can call her Jill—whose husband couldn’t cope. She had to travel by herself from D.C. to New York City to take care of a particular situation. When you spent time with Jill, you started to wish that she would take care of your problems too, although you also wished you would […]

How I Faced Humiliation Because of My Drill

  At one time I worked in an upscale town that has a large, locally owned hardware store where I occasionally shopped during my lunch hour. You often hear their underwriting messages on our NPR station. They carry the usual items, like nails and furnace filters, as well as early-American wrought-iron drawer pulls and hinges. I […]


CHARACTERS Jack Al SETTING A club. Microphone and a couple of tables. JACK This next guy is gonna absolutely kill you. I’m not easy to get to—my second ex-wife said I have a hide like samsonite—but this guy absolutely slays me. You know, I was privileged in 1989 to appear on a charity program with […]