One cliché about life and death, etc.—

found, for example, in the Bible

and Das Lied von der Erde—

is that we may go, but the Earth goes on

and life goes on for those who survive us.


Well, maybe enough people—it only takes

a few at a time—are so jealous

of those who will live on

that they’ve decided to destroy life,

to kill the Earth.


Is there another explanation?





  1. Ed Curtis · · Reply

    Why explain today’s politics or political systems?

    They evolved during the Reformation and replaced the rule of the Popes.

    Now obsolete, they are being replaced by technological entities in the form of corporations and other similar institutions. Robots will help with the heavy lifting.

    Soon, it will be possible to prolong life, possibly indefinitely. Who will benefit from such developments? Certainly not all people. How will those who are left out react? How will the chosen people react? Who will the chosen people be? The rich? The elites?

    Will Hillary and Donald be among the chosen people?

    Will you? Will I? Why?

    Why not?

    I’d like to believe that the entire contents of my mind and life experiences and ability to think and continue learning would be worthwhile preserving. If not in a rehabbed body then possibly in a giant, interstellar drop box? Waiting for a worthy robot?

    In any event, it is too much effort to destroy the earth.

  2. Contemporary politics is a train wreck, and this explanation is as good as any I have seen.

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