metal toys 40s

1. Do you remember toys made of metal with little tabs that could cut your fingers?

2. Are you okay with toast that is burnt at the edges because that’s how your mother sometimes served it to you?

3. Is there anything better than chocolate pudding still warm from the cooking?

4. Did your father let you hold the steering wheel while the car was moving on the road so you could pretend to drive?

5. Did your mother teach you that when you rode on the subway, you always had to give your seat to a woman or old man?

6. Did you hate the dance numbers on TV variety shows? (Except for Eartha Kitt doing the Dance of the Seven Veils when Salome was on Omnibus, which wasn’t really a variety show anyway?)

7. How often did you tell the clerk that the cigarettes you were buying were for your aunt?



8. Which gags and tricks that you bought at the corner store actually worked?

9. Did you shoplift only once because you realized the danger—and anxiety—outweighed the reward?

10. Did you wonder why the glue in a model-airplane kit smelled so interesting?

11. Did you send for a program to build muscles that was advertised in a comic book or Boy’s Life?


tiffanys ending

12. Did you hope you would find a woman who desperately needed you to take care of her, like Audrey Hepburn, soaking wet in the rain at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

13. Were you proud to work at a factory where the men called you “the kid”?

14. Were you jealous of the guy who went out with the girl who had a bad reputation?

15, Did it take you months to think of a strategy for buying condoms, since the local druggist knew your family, so you went to a drugstore in the next town?




  1. Yes to 1 and 6. As for 14, I was jealous of the guy who went out with any girl.

  2. Ed Curtis · · Reply

    Did you have a wallet in which you kept a single condom that formed a perfect ring imprint in the leather after years of carrying it in your back pocket?

  3. Jonathan · · Reply

    Now, instead of carrying a condom in my wallet, I carry a package of hearing aid batteries. The package is the same size and leaves a similar imprint.

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