g d 79


It’s not as if I have a lot of it,

20 years, physicians agree,

before malevolent cells,

untrapped by surgery, unzapped by X-rays,


begin to get me. They used to seem

like a lot, 20 years. Besides,

at 93, how much of my mind

will function anyway?


So why on this bright, cool afternoon

have I merely drunk iced coffee,

read a magazine from the afternoon mail,

sat down to write these words?



  1. Sounds like you’re comfortable with yourself – gold mine!

  2. Ed Curtis · · Reply

    Because bright, cool afternoons,
    iced coffee and magazines
    are among the true pleasures of living.

    It has taken 3/4 of a lifetime to discover these secrets.

    There are a great many and yet more to discover.

    Ed Curtis

  3. “So why … ?” Because U have already paid your dues. Many people (including me) would prefer to be outdoors on a bright, cool afternoon. That is their time, not yours.

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