g d 79


It’s not as if I have a lot of it,

20 years, physicians agree,

before malevolent cells,

untrapped by surgery, unzapped by X-rays,


begin to get me. They used to seem

like a lot, 20 years. Besides,

at 93, how much of my mind

will function anyway?


So why on this bright, cool afternoon

have I merely drunk iced coffee,

read a magazine from the afternoon mail,

sat down to write these words?



  1. Sounds like you’re comfortable with yourself – gold mine!

  2. Ed Curtis · · Reply

    Because bright, cool afternoons,
    iced coffee and magazines
    are among the true pleasures of living.

    It has taken 3/4 of a lifetime to discover these secrets.

    There are a great many and yet more to discover.

    Ed Curtis

  3. “So why … ?” Because U have already paid your dues. Many people (including me) would prefer to be outdoors on a bright, cool afternoon. That is their time, not yours.

  4. Ed Curtis · · Reply

    I assumed you were outdoors on such a delicious sounding day. I suppose that having paid dues enables the freedom to be doing something others might view as unproductive. But what you described doesn’t sound like wasting time to me at all. Drinking iced coffee and taking in a bright, cool afternoon are enjoyable activities that you combined with.creative, philosophical ponderings and written documentation that easily qualify as being both productive and enjoyable.

    I do understand the anxiety you feel about wasting time. It’s particularly bothersome to me when I am sitting on my sunporch in my pajamas at 11AM, reading stuff on my iPad.

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