g d 30

We rely on The New York Times to clue us in

to things we ought to worry about

about which it hasn’t occurred to us previously

to give a damn. For example,


on December 17th, 2000,

the Sunday Times Magazine ran an ad

for the Citibank Private Bank

that included the question:


Is being born into wealth a burden?


Aren’t you ashamed you never thought of that?

This is the answer the Citibank Private Bank

banker gave:


It doesn’t have to be. But it does come with its own set

of complexities. Parents grapple with issues

beyond the technical. What is the effect of inheritance?

How do you instill a sense of responsibility

in children who may never have to work?


Can anyone read this and just sit there?


I intend to extend my liberal concern, guilt, and empathy

to immediately encompass this group whose problems

I have overlooked.




(Photo by Grant Delin)



  1. Hee he,tell ’em Lew.

  2. loved this, Lew. how’s your acting career going? love the photo by Grant also. paula (in FL)

    Paula Silbey 845-663-3380


  3. Instilling a sense of responsibility in the heirs of 1%-ers would be nice, but I somehow doubt that Citibank is peddling responsibility. Not much ROI in that.

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