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A LETTER IN MY POCKET – Poems of Communication in Earlier Times

DEAR FRIEND, Thank you for your letter. You might have phoned instead, . but I couldn’t keep a phone call in my pocket . and take it out to read now and then.   VALENTINES Remember the Valentine Box – Ribbons, red foil, paper doilies? One of the sins committed By well-intentioned teachers, Bringing dread […]

FUN WITH ASPARAGUS – Tales of Education & Publishing

In high school, in the 1950s, we had a class called “Problems of Democracy.” Seniors were indoctrinated into a conservative view of government, economics, and social problems. One day we noticed that there seemed to be two versions of our textbook. In one, the chapter on juvenile delinquency included a photo of the recreation yard […]


Originally posted on GARDNER SPEAKS:
At the mall the classical section of CDs is small if not demeaning as in smaller stores. Among the expected—Andrea Bocelli, Carl Orff, compilations for relaxation—you find oddities: Scandinavian oratorios, a version of the Latin mass based on African chant, great works performed by orchestras of obscure European cities at…


We rely on The New York Times to clue us in to things we ought to worry about about which it hasn’t occurred to us previously to give a damn. For example, . on December 17th, 2000, the Sunday Times Magazine ran an ad for the Citibank Private Bank that included the question: . Is […]


(Since I started this blog, the following has been the most popular entry. Nearly every day, one of more viewers will read it–people from all over the world–Sweden, Brazil, Italy, and of course England. (It describes an innocent childhood memory, but if you enter “Boston men in girdles” on Google, you’ll find a link to this piece […]