Monthly Archives: November 2015

Reluctant Poem

I looked through the bushes behind the house and saw some crumbling of the foundation. It’s never good to have your foundation crumbling. Furthermore this seemed to be the entry point for our co-habiting mice. . The contractor started digging. A pipe we didn’t know about was spewing water and undermining the foundation . They […]

“Go, Grandpa!”

As I let myself shamelessly exploit my ability to portray much older citizens than I actually am, here is my performance in a Doritos contest entry, directed by the talented Charles Drexler. One of his talents is persuading me to participate in this kind of project. The other performers are: Alex Albrecht, Blk Hat, and […]

Seeking an Image

Comments welcome. Photographers include Mindo Cikanavicius, Grant Delin, Michael Duva, Robert Engelbright, Ellen Hart, Keith Ferris, Nikolai Golovanoff, and Eddie Toro.