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My Finest Hour – or 43 Minutes

  This has been hard to catch before. It’s an hour-long Investigation Discovery episode in which I play the lead role. If you have 43 minutes to watch a hapless senior citizen get brutalized, have fun!   Advertisements

D.C. Incident

A few days ago I was standing in a small crowd of tourists at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. A guard said to me, “Excuse me, sir. Have I seen you in a commercial?” I mentioned some of the commercials and television shows he may have seen, but he couldn’t confirm any of them. What’s […]

On Stage and On Page: The Worlds of Lewis Gardner

FROM: Van Wyck Gazette Fall 2015 Editor’s Note I love the synergy of daily life. Every once in a while a charismatic man or woman with their unique personality intersects with the best plans you laid out. Your behavior is suddenly either subjectively or objectively reactive to some unseen force. You alter both a change […]


From the gray three-decker, Terry yells all day to her kids, Georgy and Vincent, on the street below. She’s young, slick, hair cut in the poodle style. This is the 50s; her sweaters have conical breasts. . Something wrong with her marriage sends Terry out to work; her mother, in a downstairs flat, watches the […]