New Article – Someone Else Speaks About Gardner

If you go the item below (by pasting it into your browser, if necessary), you then use the arrow at the right to go to p. 13 (p. 12 of the magazine) to find the article. At the bottom left, there’s a little + scale that enlarges the page for reading.

If you do all that, you’ll read about my recent activities. It’s a great profile written by Joseph Yeomans.


One comment

  1. Dear Lew, Slava, slava, slava, which in Russian means glory, glory, glory. Joe’s piece is extensive, intensive, and informational even to me with my friendship with you for the last dozen years or so. Having said that I wonder whether you’re free for lunch Thursday. (Wow, this type setup is centered.) Lynne will be setting up her latest show at LaGuardia Community College in LIC and I, if I can still walk, will be wanting to get out of the house. I also want to talk to you about my son, among others matters personal and political. Can do?

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