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New Article – Someone Else Speaks About Gardner

If you go the item below (by pasting it into your browser, if necessary), you then use the arrow at the right to go to p. 13 (p. 12 of the magazine) to find the article. At the bottom left, there’s a little + scale that enlarges the page for reading. If you do […]


The summer of 1959, before senior year of high school, we ventured to a beatnik coffee house. This was new and dangerous: the dark walls, jazz on a hi-fi, black-clothed, barefoot customers. . The waitress had long, straggly hair and wore no lipstick. One of us ordered espresso, cutting the bitterness with three cubes of […]


“The Family of Man” was a very influential photography exhibition in 1955. When I was in college in the 60s, I came across the book based on the exhibition. Then and now, I have found the depiction of humanity very moving. There may be a Western and male bias to it—but this was 1955, after […]


STORIES Anyone who ever wrote three consecutive paragraphs and admitted it has been told by uncles, drunks, and coworkers that the stories they’ve lived . would put all best-sellers to shame if only someone would set them down on paper. . Billions of stories die every year untold, unread, unheard. END OF THE LINE For […]


There are three things I don’t like in poems: poems about writing poems; poems about foreign travel; and words in other languages. So here’s a poem about poetry, mentioning foreign travel, with a word in French (coquelicots means “poppies”).   OLD PHOTOS   The photo store has a machine that makes old photos look good. You can zoom in and crop on […]