Repaving the World

road paving

They’re finally getting to fix some of the road surfaces around here. It will mean less shaky driving.

As a young child, I was really impressed by the work done on the street where I lived. I guess it was post-WWII work, repairs that had been delayed by the war.

When I wrote this, decades later, I believe the thinking reported is what I really had thought:


One day after the war, drivers

Were warned to park somewhere else.

Trucks came with hot asphalt,

The most acrid smell I’d experienced

In my four summers. They pickaxed

And dug, filling the holes and cracks,

Then spread a perfect black surface

Sidewalk to sidewalk.


I thought the way of the world

Was that everything got renovated:

Grass was cut in the summer,

Leaves were raked and burned each fall,

And all the rough places everywhere

Would one day be made smooth.


One comment

  1. As I am also north of 70, maybe I should not presume to remember how the world looked when south of 7. And yet that last paragraph rings so true.

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